The Historic Trust Board of Directors undertook a strategic planning process in early 2019.  Creating a framework for the long term financial and administrative sustainability of the Trust is one of the three key goals identified in the strategic plan.

After much discussion, the board has decided to shift the Historic Trust from a paid membership model to an “opt in” membership model.

The board raised this new “opt in” model at the 2019 Annual General Meeting and received useful feedback from those in attendance.

General membership will now be defined as anyone on our email list.  Anyone who is a current or past member, or who has opted in to our email list, will continue to receive email communication from the Trust and will be defined as a member for the purpose of voting at the AGM.  The Trust's by-laws will be updated to reflect this change, and will be circulated in advance of the March 2020 AGM.  

As part of this change, the Trident newsletter will now be published digitally, with archived copies available on our website. 

The Board of Directors is appreciative of your support and membership over the years, and hopes that you will continue to support the Trust’s work by donating online, supporting our advocacy efforts, or volunteering your time.

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