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Southcott Award Winners

2022 - The Parlour at 85 Military Road and 172 Campbell Avenue in St. John’s, The REACH Museum and Art Gallery in New-Wes-Valley and David A. Hood for the Duff-O’Dea Lifetime Achievement Award

2020-2021 - Awards on hiatus due to COVID-19


2019 - Bannerman Brewing Co., St. John's Farmer's Market, Harbour Grace Railway Station, Crocker House, Edna Hall

2018 - Memorial United Church, Greene House, The Museum, Eric Coleridge, 118 Military Road, 17 Winter Place, MIX, David Bradley 

2017 - 55 Rennie's Mill Road, Herbert Pretty House, The Inn by Mallard Cottage, Ruth Canning

2016 - Western Union Operator's House, 28 Monkstown Road, The Lodge (60 Circular Road), Fishers' Loft Inn, Ballyhack Treehouse, Rosedale Manor B&B, 32 Queen's Road, Shannie Duff, and Shane O'Dea

2015 - Bareneed Studios, Bonavista Living, Mike Paterson

2014 - Anderson House, Evelyn's House, Hickey Family Homestead, The Lilly, Aiden Duff

2013 - Murray Premises, Mallard Cottage, Gentara Building, Quidi Vidi Village Plantation, Sweet Lumber Enterprises Ltd.

2012 - Experience Fogo, Keough Shop, Hood Residence, Martin Palmer

2011 - 3 Willicott's Lane, Javelin House, King Edward Court, L.O.L. #4, The Tower Corporate Campus at Waterford Valley, Shamrock Farm

2010 - 84 Prescott St. and 142 Military Rd., Slade House, All Saints Anglican Church, Garrick Theatre, Bonavista Mutual Traders Building

2009 - Best's Fishing Room, Bluedrop International Headquarters, Tilting Post Office, South Beach Building, Yellowbelly Brewing Co. and Public House

2008 - John Hancock House, Mosely/Brown (Dockside) House, Old Carbonear Post Office

2007 - The Salvation Army Wiseman Centre, Victoria Manor, Brett House Museum, F.P.U. Factory, Jubilee House

2006 - Winter Home, St. Luke's Anglican Church, The Kingsley Lofts, St. Joseph's Roman Catholic Presbytery, International Pulp and Paper Company Staff House

2005 - O'Connor Building Project, Flower Studio, St. Joseph's Roman Catholic Church, Pan American Boathouse, Patrick Foley House


2004 - Railway Coastal Museum, Winsor House, Isaac John Groves House and Cellar Store, Bishop's Gate (Beaconsfield), Walter Torraville's Fishing Stage and Ferry Terminal, MacCallum Residence, Rorke Stores Museum, Tamason Dupuis Residence, Mullock Hall Chapel


2003 - Hopedale Moravian Mission, Lord Nelson's L.O.L. #149, Rowe Residence, Patrick Hayden Residence, Bel-Air


2002 - Harmsworth Hall, Drogheda, Nolasco Retreat, Dragland-Parsons Residence, Bartra, Sunnyside


2001 - Heber John Abbott House, Sammy Miller Building, Edward Humby House, Graham House, Neyle Soper Building


2000 - Western Union Cable Station, Blundon House, Randell House, Swyers General Store, Dwyer's Stage, Public Building


1999 - Ewing Terrace, Hopedale, Lloyd George House, Cable Station Staff Houses, Fisherman's Protective Union Premises, Our Lady of Mercy Church


1998 - 23 Gower St., Greenspond Courthouse, 21 Barnes Rd., Alphaeus Barbour House, Green Family Forge, Benjamin Barbour House, Admiralty House


1997 - Imperial Tobacco Factory, Alexander and Jennie Templeman House, 112 Military Rd., The Commercial Chambers (Trapnell's), The Lane House, Dwyer House


1996 - Winterholme, 101 Military Rd., Yorkholme, Dunluce, Hulan House, George C. Harris House


1995 - Canning Hall, Bannerman House, Coup de Grace, Battle Harbour Restoration Project, Ryan Premises, Hawthorne Cottage, Garrison House (Hampshire Cottage)


1994 - Waterford Manor, Yellow Belly Corner, Bank of British North America, Cottage at the Dock, Buckingham House, Cluett House


1993 - 32 Queen's Rd., Ryan Mansion, Kinell House, Thimble Cottage, Keneally Manor, Campbell House 


1992 - Cabot Tower, Cochrane St. Infill, Furlong House, Devon Place, Monks House, Tickle Inn, Trinity Interpretation Centre


1991 - Mockbeggar Plantation, O'Dwyer Block, St. Paul's Anglican Church, Harris Cottage, Holdsworth Court, Fidelity Masonic Lodge


1990 - Davis House, Cochrane St. Senior Citizens Complex, The Thorndyke, 303-305 Water St., Peace Cove Inn, Court of Appeals Building, Christ Church, Joe Moss House


1989 - 59 Queen's Rd., O'Reilley House, 7 Plank Rd., 29-31 Gower St., Newman Building, 3 Gower St., Government House, Grenfell House, Saunders and Howell Building


1988 - Bond St. Infill, Carbonear Railway Station, St. Patrick's Church, 90 Water St., Emma Butler Gallery, Bleak House, Apothecary Hall, 90 Barnes Rd., Hann House


1987 - 8-10 Barnes Rd., 335 Southside Rd., Howard House Fence, St. Thomas Anglican Church, Sebastian Court, 19 Military Rd.

1986 - 318 Water St., Brightside, 121 Gower St., 21 Military Rd., Chapel Hill Condiminiums, 311 Southside Rd., Lawlor House, 


1985 - Prison Warder's Residence, 107 Gower St., 218-220 Water St., 86 Bond St., 18 Barnes Rd., Foundry Infill, Fishermen's Hall, Jubilee Cottage, Clydesdale and 97-99 Forest Rd., Devon House


1984 - Dick's Square, 21 Monkstown Rd., 67-69 Queen's Rd., Gower St. United Church, 96 Duckworth St., The Anglican Cathedral of St. John the Baptist, LSPU Hall, Victoria Hall

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