Window Restoration Workshops

Heritage NL and the Historic Trust are offering two window restoration workshops in October 2019 for property owners and professionals.

Unsure how to care for your wood windows? Can your windows be repaired? Yes, they can!


Introduction to Wood Window Conservation

Join Hamilton-based conservationist Walter Furlan on October 24 for an introductory workshop on wood window repair and maintenance. Whether you have lots of wood windows you're loath to replace or you're hanging onto that last feature window, this class will set you on the right path to ensuring they work for you for years to come.

Learn how to identify common issues, the truth behind common myths, how to hire qualified contractors, and what to avoid. Instructor Walter Furlan is an artisan who's never met a window he couldn't fix.

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Window Restoration Workshop

Walter Furlan will lead a comprehensive wood window restoration workshop from October 25-28 with a registration fee of $500 per person. Participants must have a working knowledge of woodworking (demonstrated by training and/or experience) as well as an interest in performing and promoting wood window restoration on a commercial basis. Travel subsidies are available for participants outside the Avalon Peninsula.

Participants will receive a certificate upon successful completion of the workshop. Certificate-holders and their employers (if applicable) will be added to a list of pre-qualified contractors for referral to owners of more than 300 provincially designated heritage buildings. Certificate-holders will additionally be listed on, may be referred to in publications or on social media, and may advertise their completion of the course.

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Strategic Plan

The Newfoundland and Labrador Historic Trust will take strategic steps over the next three years (2019-2022) to bring the province closer to our vision of one composed of communities that recognize the value of their built heritage assets.


The strategic plan has been developed by the Board of Directors and provides the Historic Trust with a framework to carry out our mission and achieve our vision through increased collaboration and communication, enhanced program delivery, and sustainable financial management and growth. 

For further details, please see the 2019-2022 Strategic Plan Summary.

Call for Directors

The Newfoundland and Labrador Historic Trust invites nominations to fill vacancies on its Board of Directors.  If you are passionate about our province's built heritage, we want to hear from you!


The Board of Directors are unpaid volunteers, committed to the Trust’s mandate of preservation. The Board holds meetings one evening per month in St. John’s.  Teleconferencing can be arranged for those who live elsewhere in the province.   Board members also lead various committees.

We welcome enthusiastic, forward-thinking candidates from a range of backgrounds, including built heritage, finance, communication, development, and governance.

The deadline for nominations is March 15, 2019.

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